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Dental care needs your efforts too

Good that you go to the dentist at least once a year. And many of you are learning that the dentist would now like to see you at least twice a year. And good that you who have been accordingly consulted, are readily complying. You are acting in the best interests of your dental health and hygiene. And it turns out that you are doing the rest of your body a good turn of health as well. Now, those of you who stubbornly refuse to go to the dentist had better shape up.

dental care long beach ca

Shape up now before it really is too late. Patients who are regular with their dental care long beach ca appointments may lose no more than one or two of their back teeth as the years fly by and they head into advanced or old age. But you, you could be losing all of your teeth, front, back and sides. Not to suggest that you can sink into further complacency, it’s fortunate that through the use of cosmetic dental installations, extremely poor dental and oral health and hygiene can be brought to a state of reasonably good health.

But the patient needs to be fully aware that, in the interests of his oral and dental health and hygiene, he is expected to be calling on the dentist for the rest of his natural life. Of course, a good dentist can never force you to go. He can only make recommendations. But as always, you ignore his good advice at your own peril. New and clean, white teeth will not stay that way forever if you are not keeping your part of the bargain.

Because those of you who still stubbornly refuse to go to the dentist are more than likely not brushing your teeth either.