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www.raptor-menu.org February 26, 2012

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www.raptor-menu.org was a website dedicated to Raptor which aimed to be a launch system for menus. This system worked on the KDE. It was designed for usability although never aimed to be the final solution just the best answer the raptor team could give. The team that worked on the raptor menu system consisted of artists, designer web developers to name a few. As well as a a good design they team aimed for what was deemed a beautiful product.

Support April 14, 2012

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I was recently contacted to sponsor an event for a well-known charity that supports our countries service men that have been injured in conflicts around the world. They were raising money in particular for those unfortunate enough to have lost part or all of their sight. To raise money they were walking a 10-mile walk. For those that were partially or blind there was people on hand to guide them on the route but there was also a large contingent of other participants who did the walk wearing eye masks so they could not see. Many were using the type of eye mask that you would expect to find on an aeroplane. I thought it was a fantastic way to raise money to help so many people who are so brave and dedicated to the safety of our country. We salute you all.